Web links

Nicole Schmidt - my partner and inspiration for more than 20 years :-)

cyberlab.at - Austria's best photo lab, period.

sobotka.at - Herr Fürböck and his team are a great source for all kinds of equipment

profil.at - if you want to know what's really going on in Austria (and the World)

haedecke-verlag.de - nice books for foodies

rudisbeisl.at - for Schnitzel, Tafelspitz and Zwiebelrostbraten

meixners-gastwirtschaft.at - for Beef Tartar, Fledermaus and great wine

kiang.at and kiangwine-dine.com - brothers in arms

bortolotti.at - holiday on ice

la-botte.at - Styria's best Pizza

hermine.at - gifts from the heart

caravelle.at - if you want to cruise the World

afrika-reisen-exklusiv.com - heia safari

and last, but certainly not least

weingut-gerngross.at - Styria's best legal dope